Consider this statement:

Had to send this in a hurry as partner walked in... and now I can' edit the post.

As with the re'homing of the cats.. they are my kids.. I can't. And even if it were to get to that stage, it's another thing that's going to happen, showing what a failure I have become..

I am sorry to be laying this out here,..

This is a post by a user on a suicide forum seeking advice. I am guessing laying out here means something like 'writing this post here'? he is sorry for posting his story here?

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Laying it all out

means to put it out for display so that anyone can see (read), show it all

It's all laid out in plain view.
Let's lay out the jewellery on the table so we can see it better.
We're laying out the silverware to polish and count it.

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