"Under no circumstances should you approach the man".

This sentence has been taken from Cambridge Dictionary. To know the meaning of "approach" I searched in this dictionary and I found this sentence.

I cannot understand the meaning of it at all. It would be helpful if anybody like to rewrite it.


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It's a writing style. The modal verb 'should' is also used to give an advice.

Check the dictionary OALD entry #2.

used for giving or asking for advice.

Rewriting is possible:

You shouldn't approach the man under any circumstances.


This phrase is commonly used in local news broadcasts in the United States to warn citizens to be on the lookout for a suspect who has committed a robbery or other violent crime. It is frequently followed by an additional warning and instructions, such as this:

"Under no circumstances should you approach the suspect, who is believed to be armed and dangerous. If you see him, call the police department or Sheriff's Office immediately."

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