In the article I came up with a problem. I didn't understand the meaning of work out in the sentence:

Now read the short story and try to work out what the expressions in italics mean.

One of the possible meanings is

to deal with a problem in a satisfactory way

But is doesn't quite fit in the context. I would say that in here it has a meaning similar to find out.

Can we use find out and work out interchargably?


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It's closer to the definition of figure out

to be able to understand something or to solve a problem


Find out and work out have subtly different implications. Find out implies you just try to find the answer and don't care about the method. Work out asks you to go through all the steps of the method and come up with the answer yourself

  • So, this would fit here: To solve a problem by considering facts, right? Apr 12, 2016 at 15:14

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