This will be provided later on.

Is there any other way(s) to say "later on" in this sentence?

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    Yes instead of 'later on' you can say 'later'. – Alan Carmack Apr 13 '16 at 20:55

There are several options depending on the likelihood that it will actually be provided.

This will be provided (for cases when it will definitely be provided):

  • on {some specific date}
  • later on today
  • tomorrow
  • next week/month/year

This will be provided (for cases when we expect it will be provided, but we do not know or do not want to commit to a date):

  • later
  • in the future
  • when it is ready
  • when we have finished making it

This will be provided (for cases when it is unlikely be provided):

  • in the future
  • when there is a blue moon
  • when pigs fly

(The "in the future" variant is deliberately left in two places.)

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I can think of: "at a later date" (formal), "further down the line" (spoken/ informal).

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  • You may remove "on" and just say, "This will be provided later." – EllieK Aug 11 '16 at 13:16

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