Today I encountered the word updoots in this SO meta

I think it is correct.

Technically if you have a post with 2 or more updoots on a meta it did at some point have exactly two.

The rules do not say that the posts with exactly 2 have to happen at the same time, just that you have to have had them.

and I was thinking if it's just a typo meaning uproot, but then I realized that it doesn't make sense. Then I saw the comment below saying

+1 for saying updoots. – Don't Panic 1 hour ago

Then I search on the internet regarding the meaning of it and all I saw is just a bunch skeleton

It even have a result like this

Updoot Misspelling

What is the meaning of misspelled word updoot? 1. Did you mean uproot? - The meaning of uproot

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    I think that just upvotes misspelled. Apr 15, 2016 at 0:30

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It's something of an internet meme. There's a picture that's popular of a skeleton playing a trumpet. Because trumpets (in a very vague sense) make something of a 'doot' noise, people started referring to the meme by using variations on 'doot'. Some of these are 'updoot' (a variation of 'upvote') or 'doot doot mr. skeltal'.


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