I often see people using "Are you on facebook?", but in Portuguese, for example, we say "Você tem facebook", which literally translated to english would be "Do you have facebook?".

Both "Are you on facebook?" and "Do you have facebook?" translated to portuguese is okay.

But what about in english?


Both are used in English, I prefer "Do you have facebook" or "Do you use facebook"

The second one is good as many people have but do not use facebook

"Are you on facebook" Is used but could be misunderstood as you asking if they are currently using facebook

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    I usually say "Are you on Facebook?", because if I'm talking to somebody, it's usually pretty apparent that they're not using Facebook right at that very moment, and just from context, there's little reason I would be asking if somebody was using Facebook at that very moment. If I really needed to ask that, I'd probably add "...right now?" – stangdon Apr 15 '16 at 15:30


Do you have Facebook?

is fine.

What it means is

Do you have Facebook among whatever social media or other online accounts you might use?

Facebook would be short for Facebook access/accessibility, which is basically a Facebook account.

The same could be used for Twitter:

Do you have Twitter?

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