All because of my fine efforts from last 2 or 3 months.

Is the usage of 'from' correct in the above sentence? If not then with what word should it be replaced?

And when and how should one use 'from' in indicating time expression like

From yesterday

From 2 PM

From last min or year.

Is the usage of from correct here?

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from - used to show the ​time when something ​starts ...

The library is open from Monday to Friday

The new rule will apply from September 1st.

over - during something, or while doing something

We were in Italy over the summer

I have been very busy over the last few months

since - from a ​particular ​time in the past ... until now

I have been working here since 2012

I haven't eaten since breakfast

from is used to specify when something started (you can use since as well for this, if it is still happening) or when something will start.

over is used specify a period of time- usually while something else is happening.

Your first sentence is therefore best written as:

All because of my fine efforts over the last 2 or 3 months.

For the other three sentences, they are all in the past, so if the situation still exists it would be better to use since.

since yesterday

since 2 PM

since last year.

We don't really say "since last minute": a minute is to short a time interval for from or since. You might instead say something like

I only started a minute ago.


from used to show the ​time when something ​starts or the ​time when it was made or first ​existed

from cambridage dictionary.

You can see from above explaination, you must put a date/time point after from but not a period.

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