I came across the following sentence in a test and it is wrong answer so there cannot be a sentence in this structure. Could you explain to me why?

He is rumored that he is writing a new book.

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    Sounds odd. I'd say “It is rumored that he is writing a new book,” or “He is rumored to be writing a new book.” – user3395 Apr 19 '16 at 17:24

Because is rumored takes a choice of frames:

It is rumored that X is Y.

and, by subject raising,

X is rumored to be Y.

Your sentence is of the form

*X is rumored that X is Y.

but that is not grammatical. (As with most "why" questions, there is no genuine answer to the "why": I can only lay out the forms that are grammatical and show you the relationship between them).


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