I report in English in a conflict zone. I often need to describe the sound bombing and airstrikes make when slammed into their target, mainly nearby. The only word I use in such situation is "explosion" or "blast" but I do need a variety of options to choose from. Is there any other word, whether it's verbs, nouns, adjectives, that can describe the above mentioned situation?

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    Different types of bombs make different sounds whilst they travel to their target and when they explode: it also depends on how far away you are. If you want the right words to use about a particular conflict, it is best to read reports from that conflict. – JavaLatte Apr 24 '16 at 21:14
  • Thanks JavaLatte for your reply. Actually, reports from that conflict area are usually hard news reports that don't get into details or add color to the reporting. – user6189990 May 5 '16 at 21:32

"Explosion" and "Blast" 100% work in this situation.

The explosion sound made from the bomb was extremely loud.

The blast from the bomb was extremely loud.

If these words become too repetitive I suggest using onomatopoeias.

Onomatopoeias are words that express a sound and could be used as an interjection at the beginning of the sentence.

Boom! The bomb went off after the minute was up.

The "boom" at the beginning of the sentence could be replaced by a variety of different onomatopoeias. Such as "boosh", "bam".

For further list of these words see: List of Onomatopoeias

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