1. The things that money can not buy

  2. The things that we can not buy with money

  3. The things that money cannot be bought

What is the difference between these phrase phrase and clause ? Can money be used as a subject ?

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Your third sentence is incorrect

The things that money cannot be bought.

you might mean

The things that cannot be bought with money.

All three mean there are certain things in the world which do not have a monetary value
and can be referred to as priceless.

Phrasing in your first sentence tends to mean idealistic things can not be bought like love, friendship, loyalty, the dew on a flower petal in the morning.

Phrasing in the second sentence may imply there is a different way to "pay" for something other than money and, at least for me, is used for more materialistic things.

money can easily be used as the subject

Money can not buy these things.

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