Which word is opposite to "warm-up" in sports? I mean slow running, gentle exercise after hard work to accelerate recovery processes.


Cooling down. A cool down is an easy exercise that will allow the body to gradually transition to a resting or near-resting state.


When you workout you should always incorporate a warm up before and a cool down afterwards.


Warm-down is broadly used especially in running or racing as indicated in the below definition:

a tapering off or recovery from strenuous physical exercise, especially running or racing, by slowing down or doing light stretches.


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    Number of results returned by Google warm-down - 13 mn. cool-down - 60 mn. So I think cool-down is more common – Ivan Gerasimenko May 5 '16 at 11:59
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    @IvanGerasimenko Yes, I suggested another term. Cool-down is the most popular term. – user24743 May 5 '16 at 12:07

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