What is the meaning of "over near" expression in these sentence? What kind of grammatical structure is?

There are three courts over near the football field and four behind the pro shop.


Don't be confused by the fact that "over" and "near" are side by side.

over can mean "at a place a distance away from us"

The dog is over near the tree.

The dog is at a place which is a distance from us, near the tree.

A synonym for this meaning of "over" is yonder. It is used regionally, not generally.

The dog is yonder, near the tree.

There is a subtle difference between yonder and over. Yonder can stand alone and mean "over there", that is, "at that place on the other side of the span of distance between here and there."

The dog is yonder.

But we cannot say

The dog is over. no

We have to say

The dog is over there.

The word over requires something to complete its meaning, a location word or a location phrase.

Or over can mean "*crossing the space between two reference points".

Go over to the dog near the tree and give it this shin bone.

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