Which of the following is more correct and native way of questioning someone ?

"Where does you learn all this from"

"From where do/does you learn all this"

And if both of them are wrong then please let me know correct way of questioning someone

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    Does you is impossible: does is third person singular only. May 5, 2016 at 21:39

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Once you correct "does" to "do", both are grammatical.

However ...

Where do you xxx from?

is normal in most people's speech, whereas

From where do you xxx?

is rather formal and stilted, and not many people would say it.

I have removed "learn all this" from my examples, because I think "Where do you learn all this from" is an unlikely thing for a native English speaker to say, for two separate reasons.

First, that would only be used in a habitual sense, implying that you regularly go and learn this. If you are referring to a particular body of knowledge, then

Where did you learn all this?

or (less likely)

Where have you learnt all this?

Secondly, as you can see from those examples, I don't find the "from" likely with "learn" (though it is possible0.

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