Say, we have a vitamin mix, which we produce in large volumes and sell to animal fodder producers. Would we call our product "raw material" or "feedstock", should we desire to write a specification for it?

Should we name our specification

Specification of Raw Material by CompanyName


Specification of Feedstock by CompanyName

It's a translation question. In Russian, there's only one word, "сырье", for this particular meaning slot, so I'm a bit curious.


It seems like TRomano already answered the question for your specific application, but to answer the question about the difference: 'Feedstock' is a little more specific than 'raw material'. A feedstock is a particular type of raw material. Raw material can encompass the entirety of what goes into making a product. For instance, fabric, thread, dye, and buttons, are all raw material for making a shirt.

Feedstock is usually a single, uniform, raw material that is given as an input into a machine or process, usually in large quantities. So in the shirt example, the fabric could be used as feedstock for a machine that quickly cuts out the pattern.

Other examples would plastic pellets fed into a machine to put into molds, or metal bars fed into a machine to be cut and lathed.

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