Can I use that structure: SO + ADVERB + ADJECTIVE. Does it make sense? Is it grammatically correct?


Yes, the construction "so"+adverb+adjective is so perfectly fine, that you can use it to really drive home the adjective

so wonderfully delicious
so maddeningly red
so artificially sweet
so intensely sour
so boringly (,well,) boring

One does need to be aware of heaping superlative upon superlative

She looks so perfectly happy
She looks so very much incredibly happy with her teddy bear, I dare not take it away.


When you use so in this way, it is a modifier meaning very and can be applied to adverbs so slowly and adjectives so happy.

It can also be used as a modifier for an adverb that modifies an adjective so very happy, although usage of this construction has been steadily declining- maybe because it is perceived as exaggerated- so very happy is like saying very very happy.


yes, you are so definitely correct.

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