I've been translating a document and came across the phrase "partial data report". It is almost certainly used there in the sense implied by ASME.

I asked on a translators' forum and one guy came up with a URL of a form for this report.

Am I right to assume that the adjective "partial" here stands for "related to parts" and not for "incomplete"?


I haven't seen "partial" used this way, but from the form it is clear that it refers to parts. I seriously doubt that "incomplete" data would be certified.

According to the definition of partial:

2) of, being, or affecting only a part; not complete or total"

the referenced "parts" are part of (a component of) the complete unit. And the certification "affects the status of a part".

But I agree that it is ambiguous, and it could be read as "incomplete" data.

  • It turned out it's a report on a particular part (say, a vessel is a part of a flange heater). Technical language is tough. – CowperKettle May 14 '16 at 8:45

This document suggests that a manufacturer must provide a form U-1 for tests on a complete pressure vessel and a U2 form with a partial data report for a self contained heat exchanger bundle.

As the form U2 must be attached to the form U1, one could argue that the partial data report is either part of the data for the complete pressure vessel, or complete data on a sub-component of the pressure vessel.

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