I am writing a scientific paper. I have to talk about some physical quantity which can be easily measured.

The question is,

The quantity is ready to measure


The quantity is ready to be measured

  • Please post the full context of the sentence. I'm inclined to say "ready to be measured", but either could be correct depending on the specific sentence. – Sarah May 17 '16 at 16:04
  • 2
    to be easily measured, can be easily measured, can be readily measured, to be measured readily, are the all I can say ! – Cardinal May 17 '16 at 16:41

The adjective ready does not have the meaning that you want. If you want to say that something can be done easily, you have to use the adverbal form readily. You can use it anywhere that you would use easily. Adverb positioning is quite flexible, but I would favour the first of these options:

The parameter can readily be measured

The parameter can be readily measured

The parameter can be measured readily

readily is quite formal, so its usage is probably appropriate in a scientific paper: easily is much more widely used in everyday speech.

  • Nice answer of (what I thought to be) a confusing question. "The quantity is readily measurable" makes a lot more sense in the context of the question than either of the options the asker gave. – Sarah May 17 '16 at 17:29

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