Is this a right expression to say?

"I'll study it again, when I become advanced level."

The situation was like that, a native speaker explained about the grammar of Thai, but as a beginner I thought it's better to put it off until I can understand better.

How would you say in this case like this?

  • Or you may simply say - When I'm better at it! – Maulik V May 18 '16 at 5:30

Unless you really mean "advanced level", you might say

I'll study it again
I'll come back to it again
I'll look at it again
I'll review it again


I am better at it
I am more proficient
I understand more
I am more fluent
I am more advanced
I am less of a beginner

The problem with using "advanced level" is that it might be understood to mean the same as being "fluent", that only until you have a much higher level, since there might be "beginner" and "intermediate" levels to go through before you are "advanced".


I would say either "When I am more advanced" or "When I am at an advanced level".

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    Please edit to include an explanation of why this is correct; answers without explanation do not teach the patterns of the language well. – Nathan Tuggy May 18 '16 at 5:58

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