I'm wondering how you would say that because it sounds really weird to me:

Would you say "stuff by me/of me/of mine"?

For example if you posted things on Instagram and would say something like "official stuff by/of me" cause I saw someone who used "official stuff of me" as his description on Instagram and that sounds so wrong to me still. So what would you say?

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You would say "my stuff." It does sound wrong to say "official stuff of me"; it's probably intended to be humorous. In normal usage, you would say "my official stuff."

  • Thank you very much! I also supposed that it's meant be wrong so that really helps me!
    – Moritz
    May 22, 2016 at 6:12

stuff by me

The photo exhibit is full of stuff by me.

means stuff you produced,as opposed to stuff lying along side you.

stuff of me

Q: Do you have any things from when you were a baby?
A: Here's a box with pictures and baby boots and my rattle.
     here's some stuff of me when I was a baby

means stuff about me, along the lines of "a photograph of me", "an article of me", stuff is used as a general catch all.

stuff of mine

The car is full of stuff of mine.
The car is full of my stuff.

means stuff which belongs to you.

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