The following sentence can be found on this Quora page:

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited the US in November - weeks before the war with Pakistan and that visit was a cold wind blowing.

What is meaning of 'cold wind blowing visit'?

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It doesn't say "cold wind blowing visit" - "a cold wind blowing" is a noun phrase, the complement of "was".

With an adjectival modifier, we can move it to complement position, so

The green door ...

implies that we can say

The door is green.

But, while a noun phrase can sometimes be used to modify a noun phrase, we can't normally use the same noun phrase as complement; or if we can, it won't have the same meaning. So:

The village green ...

but not

*The green is village. (or *The green is a village)

And conversely

The man is a builder

but not normally

*The builder man ...

"A cold wind blowing" is a metaphor for something unwelcome, or something which suggests that something unwelcome will follow.


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