I'd like to ask about the meaning of something, but I'm confused between these two sentences:

  1. What is the meaning about "~~~~"?
  2. what does it mean "~~~"?

Can I use both expressions when I am asking for the meaning?

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If you want to ask for the meaning of a word, you can use the following:

What does "~~~" mean?


What is the meaning of "~~~"?


Both sentences are nearly right.

For the first sentence, the word meaning is normally followed by the preposition of. You can often work out what prepositions are used with a particular word by looking it up in a dictionary that provides examples. Here is an example from the link that I provided above:

The meaning of his gesture was clear.

The correct sentence is therefore:

What is the meaning of "~~~~"?

In the second example, we only use it to refer to something that we have already mentioned in a previous sentence. So, this works:

"~~~": what does it mean?

Alternatively, we can use the word this to refer to something that we are pointing at, or holding, or nearby, or is before or after in the text. You can therefore use this refer to something that follows in the text.

what does this mean: "~~~"?


Both of them weren't well suited. what does it mean '_________'?: This statement can be used when you are pointing out to certain thing or a statement and then asking what it is?

According to me it is better to ask , in this way, What does this word mean? (While you are pointing out to a particular word.)


What does '________' mean? :"When you are able to pronounce it."

and by the way, Can I use both expression when I asking for the meaning?

This is wrong, you are supposed to say: Can I use both expressions while, I would like to ask for a meaning?


Something else if you find something better.

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