That’s what makes me cry. I was once a vice-president, a member of the Chairman’s Club. In the past it was always enough to be connected to humanity in a more abstract way, by the glint of possibility. To believe that there’s order and I have a place in it, is just too scary, that if I’m not here doing what I’m supposed to do, nothing else will be right.
("There Is a Plan"—Kathy Holwadel)

What does "by the glint of possibility" mean? Does it mean that to be connected to humanity in a more abstract way is not probable?

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    This is almost certainly an eggcorn for a phrase the author is only vaguely familiar with, "by dint of". The author means she wants to be connected only contingently, because to be necessarily connected imposes more responsibility than she is willing to undertake. – StoneyB on hiatus Aug 20 '13 at 13:15

In this context, a "glint of possibility" means a brief flash of possibility. The term glint tends to be used to describe a small amount of something reflective or shiny. For example:

The sun glinted off the coin as I spotted it in the ground.

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