I have questions regarding phrasal verbs. Their usage isn't so clear to me:

  • What is the difference for example between "write something" and "write something up"?
  • In the previous sample why "something" must be placed before "up"?

Any article on this subject would be very helpful for me!

Thanks very much


Phrasal verbs are often idiomatic so there is a fair bit of inconsistency around their use.

There's a really good Wikipedia page about their use here

In your examples

write something

Straightforward - the act of writing something...

The phrasal version follows the normal subject - verb - object pattern

Peter (subject) will write up (phrasal verb) a report (object)

The specific use in the question of

write something up

muddies the waters a bit as it is grammatically correct as it stands.

I'm staying late in the office because I have to write something up

Here the object is deliberately non-specific


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