Would a teacher, on the point of proposing a correction to his students, say: "Let's make / here is the correction FOR the test or the correction OF the test? Or "Here is a summary FOR the story or OF the story? Thanks for helping me making a choice!

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Either preposition could be used and would have a slightly different connotation.

In the example "Here is the correction OF the test", using OF implies that the correction and the test are the same entity and the correction is a component of the test.

In the example "Here is the correction FOR the test", using FOR implies that the correction is a separate entity designed specifically for usage on the test.


Prepositions are flexible and there's not necessarily only one that will do the job.

That said, I'd be inclined to use to, I think:

Let's make a correction to the test.

Of course, you can skirt the problem altogether by rephrasing:

Let's correct the test.

As for summary, that should be of:

Here is a summary of the story.


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