As far as I know, to open a window simply means to move the respective sash away, so that air may blow through (yeah, I know it's a clumsy defintiton).

  • Is there a specific verb which would describe opening a window in the way the first window (from left) in the image is opened? My intuition is to tilt out, but I have never seen it used in this way
  • Similarly, is there a specific verb describing the way the second window in the image is open?

windows comparison


I find it hard to imagine a situation where you would need to specify the way to open different types of windows. Well, If that doesn't matter, simply say "close/open the window(s)."

But if you are, say, teaching young kids to open the windows, then you might really need to describe the way you open a specific type of window.

For the first type of window, say "tilt" or "tilt inward/outward."

For the second type of window, say "swing."

For the Third type of window, say "slide vertically/horizontally"

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