I've heard that the phrase' For there to be' can be used as infinitive in the Sentences.so, how to use this kind of phrase?

Even if I don't know its usage ,I've tryed to use it in a sentence below:

For there to be a success, we need to struggle.

Am i correct ? Please provide its usage.

I would appreciate your responses.


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The pronoun there can play the role of a subject of to-infinitive clause, just like any other pronoun, e.g me, you etc

I expected there to be a simpler solution.

We found all the elements for there to be a sustained ecosystem.

It's hard for me to do.

I want you to keep me company.

In all the sentences above, the bolded words are the subject of the to-infinitive constructions.

In view of that, your sentence is correct. But in reality such construction of for there to be is more common in speech than in written text.

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