Is it correct to say:

He is very welcome to your suggestion


You can use welcome with suggestions, but I don't think your sentence works.

I would use welcome as a verb, like this:

He would welcome your suggestions.


He welcomes your suggestions.

If you want to start the sentence with "He is..." an idiomatic way to say something quite similar would be:

He is open to your suggestions.

The word open has many meanings, but one of them is often used in conjunction with "suggestions". For example, this definition is found on the Wordnik entry for open:

Willing to consider or deal with something: open to suggestions.

while Macmillan says:

willing to consider many different possibilities
be open to something: I have some ideas about where to go, but I’m open to suggestions.


When welcome is used as an adjective, it refers to the person or thing being "gladly received" (source). In this case, it is the suggestion which is being received, not the person. So you can use welcome in this scenario, but it should be like:

Your suggestion is very welcome to him.

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