The below sentence is from Longman dictionary, used to explain the usage of 'go on'. My question is whether the latter speaker agrees to have another drink or not.

go on: used when you are agreeing to do something or giving permission for something.

'Are you sure you won't have another drink?'
'Oh, go on then.'

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Go on

has the meaning

go ahead (AmE)
continue on (AmE, BrE)
carry on (BrE)

it is often used in BrE, so the person did have another drink.

Here is an excellent take on the famous phrase "the show must...go on".

Sometimes "then" is added

go on then

Sometimes, "if you must" may be added to show a backhanded approval

go on then, if you must (with a wicked smile)

To encourage on (a male)

Go on my son!

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