Which form of the verb "to be" is correct in each of the following sentences or phrases? My best guess is listed for each case:

  • Neither one of them is/are...

    I think it's IS because neither one is singular.

  • Why is/are her parents so cool?

    I think this one is ARE since parents consists out of two people , making it plural.

  • Where are/is the rest of us?

    IS maybe? Since rest is a single group even if it consists out of a couple people.

  • The scenes where he is/are in...

    IS, because if you manipulate the question it would be asked as "He IS in a lot of scenes," and you can't say he "are" in a lot of scenes. Since he is one person and just happens to be in a lot of scenes.

  • The rest of us is/are outside.

    The rest of us is outside...? OK, I'm not sure with this one.

  • Three is/are better than two.

    Three is better than two.. You don't use are when you're using numbers or hours?

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