I come from Indonesia, and I like to learn English more deep, but my English is so weak, can anyone help me? which is better or right? or all my sentences are incorrect?

Can I have that?


Can I am have that?

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    #1 is correct, #2 isn't. 'Can' works as a modal verb here, while the verb is have. You can't and have no reason to add another verb (am) here. – MadWard Jun 22 '16 at 9:11
  • Thans for explanation!! :) – Engkus Kusnadi Jun 22 '16 at 9:14

The basic format of asking any question is like this.

"Wh"(words) + Modal verbs+ subject + verb + object + ?


Modal verbs + subject + verb + object + ?

So according to this formula your first statement is correct in your second statement you have included extra model verb "am" though you have already used "can".

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Your first question

Can I have that?

is correct and asks if it is (physically) possible for you the have something. However, when asking, usually one is asking for permission and uses "may"

Student: Can I have a drink of water?
Teacher: Yes, you can have a drink of water. (yes you are physically able to drink water)

Student: May I have a drink of water?
Teacher: No, you'll have to wait until break time to get some water.

Your second question is grammatically incorrect

Can I am have that?

You may be mixing up the answer to your question with your question

Q: Are you having dessert?
A: Yes, I am having dessert.

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