I always get confuse where precisely I should use "Has been" and "Have been". For example, to respond to my client related to a issue reported few days back:

"This report problem has been resolved"


"This report problem have been resolved"?

Some of my friends use "Have been" on similar scenarios.

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    This report problem is a singular noun phrase, so you must use the singular verb form has. You'd use the plural if you were saying These report problems have been resolved. Commented Jun 22, 2016 at 16:51

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Has is third person singular. So, if you have a subject at the third person singular(hint: you can replace the subject with he, she or it), you say has been. Otherwise, you say have been.

In your example, this report problem is the subject. Do you see a plural ending (s, -es, etc.)? No, so it is singular. Does it refer to you or I? No, so it is third person singular. Therefore, This report problem has been resolved.


Look at the pattern:

She has
He has
It has
Report has

They have
We have
Reports have

You are referring to one problem, so the correct way would be:
The reported problem has been resolved.

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