Which of the following is grammatical?

How is the scalability of method 1?

How scalable is the method 1?

  • Generally speaking, this IT-related "jargon" use of the word scalable tends to treat it as an "absolute" (e.g. - "This method is better because it's scalable, whereas that method isn't"). Personally, I think talking about "degrees of scalability" is pushing things a bit too far. – FumbleFingers Aug 28 '13 at 21:42

Both are a little off.

How What is the scalability of Method 1?

How scalable is the Method 1?

"Method 1" is being treated as the proper name of something. If you just mean "the first method," say it that way.

What is the scalability of the first method?

How scalable is the first method?

"Scalability" is a noun, so you ask about it with "what." If it were a person, place, or time, you would ask about it with "who," "where," or "when," respectively.

"Scalable" is an adjective, so you ask about it with "how."

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