I'm moving and writing a letter to my close friend. And I wanted to say that I felt like I knew her longer and that "I felt close to you" (as a friend)

Is it weird to say "I felt close to you" or "I felt like I'm really close to you" to your friends


To say that your friendship progressed very quickly, you could say

I felt we were old friends from childhood.
I felt we got to know each other very quickly.
In the short amount of time we knew each other, we just seemed to click.
You were really easy to get to know.

If you say

I felt like I was really close to you
I feel like I'm really close to you

it may be interpreted as having romantic overtones, more idiomatic would be

I felt we were really close friends.

Of course you may want to end with something like

I hope we will continue to be friends in the future.

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