I'd like to describe an act of consulting some topic and have touble figuring out the right preposition.

My "gut" candidates are:

  1. topic consultation

  2. consultation about topic

  3. consultation over topic (similar to discussing)

  4. consultation on topic

Or is it something else? I look for a noun, something like "I've had a very informative consultation on/over/about topic with Bob."

I know it can be rephrased using a verb form, but I feel that e.g. for a title, or something similar a noun form looks better.

Embarrassingly I could not find an example of such usage in any dictionary. Maybe it's not correct at all.


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Synthesizing some of the comments - the verb "to consult" is much more commonly used and sounds much more natural. As FumbleFingers says, there is a formal sense of the word consultation which does come up. In this case I would agree that of the options, a "consultation on" sounds the best. Somewhat more formally, you could also say a "consultation regarding some topic".


I would use consultation on. Have a look at this one: http://youglish.com/search/%22consultation%20on%22

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    Thanks, it would be nice to summarize the link though, in case the reference disappears.
    – luk32
    Jul 4, 2016 at 15:47

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