In English, do we say to do or to conduct the digital marketing?

The original text is as follows:

With the popularity of digital life, at this time, not only big advertisers but also millions of small and medium enterprises in China cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing; however, they are facing a shortage of talents, who can help enterprises to do the digital marketing. David, one of the leading sales marketing dealers in China, said, “ The talents we need the most at this moment are digital marketing consolers who have practical experience and are able to communicate with the enterprises.”

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This is probably a matter of style rather than simply a question of grammar.

We would say

do the cooking

do the cleaning

but somehow

do the digital marketing

sounds a little banal. I agree that

conduct the digital marketing

does seem better. This may be because digital marketing is not a simple, one-off task; it tends to be an ongoing activity, often with interactive elements involving social media.

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