A NGO named black women for wellness, its website black women for wellness. what does this phrase mean? black women who pursue wellness, or healthy black women, or something else?

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In this case, for has the meaning along the lines of

7 used for saying who or what you support or prefer
a. used for saying which person or thing someone supports or agrees with

So I understood it as Black women in support of wellness.

On their site, the tag line is

Committed to Healing, Educating, and Supporting Black Women!

It is implied that it is black women committed to healing, educating, and supporting black women.


group for cause that they support


Citizens for a sound economy

Black women for wellness

Campaign for nuclear disarmament

People for the ethical treatment of animals

Disclaimer all examples were taken based on how easy there were found. They do not necessarily represent my views. Hah.

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