I'am writing an online announcement for volunteer programs. On webpage, the program is described as following format:

  1. Program Name: xxx
  2. Program Description: xxx
  3. Begin date: xxx
  4. [word-request-here] -> Number of positions provided for volunteers to apply for /or/ Number of volunteers I want to recruit in this program

How to use a few words to decribe 4th column ?

  • "Volunteers required:" or "No of volunteers required". Normally we say "start date" rather than "begin date". – JavaLatte Jul 6 '16 at 11:05

It depends on what you want to imply.

To state it as fact:

Positions Available: 8

To suggest a limit on participation:

Maximum Volunteers Allowed: 6

For ambiguity:

Openings: 10

To emphasize teamwork:

Team Members: 7


Volunteers Needed

Num of Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Positions


Instead of X Needed, you could have Requested. Judging from OP's question it's a request for volunteers.

John's answer is usable too, if it's obvious from context it's a volunteer application. I don't know who downvoted it. You could even use Volunteers if it's a volunteer request.

  • Downvotes do not necessarily imply incorrectness. The downvote says "This answer is not useful". There was no explanation provided, and so is a low quality answer. – Em. Jul 7 '16 at 0:58

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