I need a proper word when someone or an army intentionally disturbs the peace and normal conditions of an area or region for certain motives.


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It's not super clear, but you might be looking for

  1. invasion
    1. an act or instance of invading or entering as an enemy, especially by an army.
  2. takeover
    1. the act of seizing, appropriating, or arrogating authority, control, management, etc.
  3. occupation
    1. a : the possession, use, or settlement of land : occupancy
    2. a : the act or process of taking possession of a place or area : seizure
      b : the holding and control of an area by a foreign military force
      c : the military force occupying a country or the policies carried out by it

intrude, tamper, meddle in the affairs of a nation

derange, unbalance, disorganize the order of a society

Put one of the above or other word into the search field of this web-site www.thesaurus.com and you'll likely find a fitting word.

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