He assigns Jordan to pitch a sale for a company called Aerotyne, a small company out of a garage in Dubuque, Iowa

What does mean by "out of a garage" ?

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Some quite large companies (for example Hewlett Packard) started out as a couple of guys working in their parent's garage.

A company that is running out of a garage is a metaphor for a company that is still at a very early stage in its development.


Actually, what came to my mind was literal. Here, I understood "out of" to mean "from". So I took it to mean that the people who run the company run it from their garage. It is common for small, start-up businesses to run out of garages at the beginning.

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I took a look at the movie and this is what the guy said:

They're just a couple of brothers that are making radar detector out of their garage. They're out of Dubuque. Maybe it's microwaves. I'm not sure, but you call the company [on] the main line. Their mom, Dorthy, answers and she is so sweet.

So it seems like this business is literally running out of the brothers' garage.

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