Who suggested you to do that?

Who suggested you do that?

I suggest you do go there tomorrow./ I suggest you to go there tomorrow. He suggested I deal with the matter at hand discreetly./ He suggested me to deal with the matter at hand discreetly.

We don't use the preposition to, using sentences where we're talking about how someone suggests/suggested someone does/did something, right?


We offer a suggestion of an action.

I suggest that you eat lunch now, because the cafe will be very busy later.

To construct a suggestion first create an instruction:

You eat lunch now

That's grammatical but sounds rather like an order. In many friendly circumstances we'd soften that:

You could eat lunch now

This has now become more of a suggestion, we've made it clear that the other person is free to make their own decision. We can take that a step further and explicitly state that we are making a suggestion:

I suggest that you eat lunch now

notice here that we have used that. Applying this to one of your examples

I suggest that you go there tomorrow

The big difference from your formulation is that we do not say

I suggest you to

We do not use you to. The person is not the object of suggest, we are not suggesting a person, we are suggesting an action.

It is common, especially when speaking to miss out the that so we get

I suggest you eat lunch now

I suggest you go there tomorrow

It may help to recognise the structure if you pretend that the that is actually there.

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