What should we say to a friend who has not seen each other for long time? is

long time no see

an appropriate greeting? What is native speakers' greeting in this circumstances?

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Yes, long time no see is an appropriate phrase in the situation you described.

See also Wikipedia or TheFreeDictionary


Yes! "Long time no see" is a very commonly used expression. I feel like it is often preceded by hey.

Hey, long time no see!

But "hey" is optional.

Some alternatives include

  1. (I) haven't seen you in days/weeks/months/years!
  2. (I) haven't seen you in forever!
  3. (I) haven't seen you in a long time!
  4. (I) haven't seen you in ages!

You can also replace "haven't seen you in" with "It's been". For example, if you haven't seen your friend Michael in a very long time, you might say

Michael, it's been a long time!

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