Someone changed from his longterm employer to another in a totally different and unfamiliar area.

Is it correct to say "he gambled on his career", "he gambled his career", "he made gambling in his career" or something else?


  • Not the last one -- not unless he left a steady job as a plumber to play blackjack seven days a week. – J.R. Jul 15 '16 at 21:47

"He gambled his career" is the best choice, but it doesn't really stand alone. "He gambled his career" is always followed by "on," for example: "He gambled his career on the success of his new employer."


Normally when we try something new that will have an uncertain outcome, we "take a gamble".

His current occupation had no future opportunity, so he took a gamble by going into real estate. Hopefully he will still be able to pay his rent.

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