I was wondering, if I want to point out to someone that me and another specific group of people are fans of something, should I use the pronoun "us" or "we" in conjunction with "fans"?


After the announcement last night, we/us fans can finally rejoice upon his return to the team.


It depends on whether you need your group of fans to be the subject of the sentence.

We - is a subject enveloping you and others.

Us - is an object enveloping you and others.

Consider the below examples for we:

We fans love this artist.

We programmers enjoy coffee.

We musicians have an ear for tones.

Each usage of we is as a subject of the sentence.

Consider these examples for usage of us:

The artist is glad to have us fans.

The teachers teach us students.

Youtube videos entertain us nerds.

Each usage of us is as an object of the sentence.

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