Suppose you are talking to your close friend after finishing a commercial meeting which was established in order to come to an agreement with a partner company's directing manager; I was wondering if you could let me know which one of the following self-made sentences sound more natural to you:

  • No matter how much I persisted he would not accept the conditions of the contract.

  • No matter how much I persisted he would not approve the conditions of the contract.

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The meanings of these two words do overlap, but the principal meaning of the two words is as follows:

accept means to say yes to an offer or invitation

approve means to officially agree to something

Here is an example to explain the difference.

You work for company A, and you have written a contract with company B. You show it to your boss, who approves the contract. You then present it to the boss in company B, who accepts the contract.

I think that accept is probably the better word to use in this case, though both words are satisfactory.

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