Suppose someone close is talking to you about his / her family problem which they have been dealing with during the e.g. past couple of weeks. You know where the problem is and try to explain it to him / her. They try to stand against your opinion because they doubt it is correct; but you are sure and say something to indicate this message that don't be worried and just believe me; I need to know which one of the following sentences is more idiomatic and natural in such sense:

  • You just accept my word.

  • You just take my word.

  • You just accept my word fro it.

  • You just take my word for it.

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    Which one do you think and why? – Alan Carmack Jul 26 '16 at 14:02

The idiom is "to take someone's word for it", which means "to believe what someone says without investigating further. Here's the source.

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