Is the following sentence grammatically correct?

The feedback from the small amount of people in Africa that has been so lucky to receive a blanket is incredible.

I would want to change the word 'has' to 'have'.

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    Yes, definitely change "has" to "have". Also, definitely change "the small amount of people" to "the few people". – ЯegDwight Jul 27 '16 at 15:20
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  • Isn't it a single amount, as in one small amount of people? – Benny Bottema Jul 27 '16 at 19:37

Yes, change to 'have' because it is a plural number of people that have received a blanket. I would change 'small amount' of people to 'small number' of people.


I agree with the answers above and would move "is incredible" closer to the subject of the feedback. Also, it may sound better to use who instead of that: The feedback is incredible from the few people in Africa who have been so lucky to receive a blanket.

Why use have instead of has? If the number of people or subjects is more than one, plural in other words, then use the plural form of the verb.


The linking verb should be has not have. The subject is feedback, which is a singular, and not people; therefore, has is correct.

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