This is why your character is still on the bed, oblivious to the world. After you roll over, you are greeted again, then your partner cleans up your room a bit.

No meaning of roll over correctly matches with this sentence.

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  1. roll over
    c. to turn over:

Essentially, it means to roll or turn from facing one way to facing another way (usually the opposite direction). enter image description here

I think in general it would mean to roll/turn from position 1 to position 4.

Here is the actual clip of what happens. Notice that the character does in fact turn from facing left to facing right—almost. :)

  • A dog usually rolls over as part of a trick. The quote seems to be talking about a person who is reluctant to get out of bed for some reason. Physically, the movements are similar, but I still think this picture is a mismatch for the quote. – J.R. Jul 28 '16 at 21:18

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