• "I did go home" instead of "I went home".
  • "We did make some tea" instead of "We made some tea".
  • "I do listen to future garage music" instead of "I listen to future garage music".

Is it correct?


They are correct. They are used as emphasis, though; you should not use "I did go home." every time you mean "I went home."

For example, suppose you talk to a friend of yours, and the dialog is the following one.

Friend: Where did you go after school?
You: I went home.
Friend: Strange, Charlie told me you were going to the library.
You: I changed my mind. Shirley told me she was going to the library too and I didn't want to meet her there.
Friend: Michael saw you close to the library.
You: Going home, I turn right before reaching the library.
Friend: I don't believe you. Somebody took my book when I was at the library and I believe it was you.
You: Look, I did go home.

I did go home has the same meaning of I went home. It is used to put emphasis on the verb, such as to mean I really went home.


The sentences that you have posted are correct, but only in certain situations.
These sentences add emphasis to your statement.

All of these sentences:

I did go home
We did make some tea
I do listen to future garage music (little mistake here)

are usually used when giving a positive answer to a negative question.

For eg.

Do you not play football?
---> I do play football.

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    Both your answer and @kiamlaluno's make sense to me, but each seems to paint an incomplete picture. To combine them, perhaps you could say the sentences with "do" or "did" are contrary to the listener's expectation or belief. – snailplane Feb 3 '13 at 12:56

Do is used in this way only for emphasis, and when it occurs in speech it is stressed. It can also occur at the beginning of an imperative clause: ’Do go home now’, and can sometimes replace an entire imperative clause: ‘Do you think I should go home now?’ ‘Yes, do.’

(Listen needs to be followed by to, so it's I listen to garage music.)

  • Hey! I pointed it out too! That's not fair. – Siddhartha Feb 3 '13 at 13:25

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