I like to ask the mug supplier if they take bulk order in around 300, can I say:

Do you take bulk order in around 300/pcs?

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    They would likely understand it but why wouldn't you just say 300 mugs? Also if you are looking for a generic term perhaps units would be better than piece, which might be misconstrued as a part of a complete unit.
    – Leo
    Aug 2, 2016 at 3:01

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Yes, you can.

The word piece is defined as

an amount that is cut or separated from a larger section of something

Which in this case, refers to a certain portion of their supply. You are simply asking for around 300 mugs out of their xxx mugs in supply.


Yes, you can. "Mug" is a countable noun and it can be counted using the word 'piece'.

But please note that we do not commonly use the '/' sign before the 'pieces' because it might be read as "300 per piece". If you want to use 'per' it should be 'X per piece', where X is the price for every piece of the item, not the particular item you are buying.

So, based on your sentence, it's "Do you take bulk orders, say, 300 pieces [of mugs]?"


I would write:

Do you take bulk orders for around 300 pieces?

You wouldn't use the "/" acts as a "per", as in:

I heard that they cost $10.00/100 pieces.

And I don't think there is any need to use an abbreviation unless the full word is repetitively used.


There are lots of units that are possible. Aside from the fact that the definition works, it seems to be used as well.

enter image description here

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