I'm developing a UI where college students can post their requests regarding some tips about clearing a game or an overdue assignment etc. Now, these requests are handled by their peers and can be filled by someone else.

Recently, some trolls tried to spam the database and I assigned users with special privileges to mark the requests as closed in case they are useless or a repetition of older one. But the word closed (or closure) is misleading as the newer students (AKA users) can think of it being the same as filling of the request.

I've written a detailed guide on the difference between closing and filling of a request but I was wondering if there might be some better word for the same?

P.S.: I'd prefer if the suggestion is a single word but a small phrase would work too as long as it will not leave any confusion for a new user.


Following StoneyB's comment, I'm now using blocked instead of closed, but I'm a little sceptic. I still think that blocked is not the correct word to be used with respect to a request. I think something like voided or nullified would be more appropriate.

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    Blocked and canceled spring to mind, or suspended if there is any possibility the request may be reopened. Commented Sep 8, 2013 at 12:48

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You can use the stackexchange template.

For repetition, you can use duplicate.

For useless, you can use on hold and can advise the O.P. to reframe the request. Or maybe you can directly use off-topic.

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